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Kid Zone & Tots Zone


For the hard pressed parent who actually wants to listen and sing creche might be facility that you need. We encourage parents to leave their child in creche as they will be looked after by suitably qualified volunteer staff.

From infancy to age 2 we provide a stimulating environment for your young child. With age appropriate toys and patience they will look after them. However, you will also have the reassurance of knowing that if your child is distressed in some way that you will be alerted to the fact and may comfort them.

We try to encourage parents to leave their child in creche about 10.20am so that there is time for workers to settle your child before the morning service at 10.30 begins.

Tots Zone

This is run by a highly motivated group of leaders and seeks to work with the children from the ages of 2 to primary 1. These children remain in the worship service for about the first 15 minutes then are encouraged to go to their various activities.

With a creative and interactive bible learning program they will engage in singing, memory verses, stories and games. They will not only learn about God but also about themselves. Often they produce craft that you can recognize immediately which is a credit to the leaders and children. Most of all they will remember the stories and relate them to you over Sunday lunch.

Kid Zone

Again like creche and Tot's Zone our leaders bring talent and dedication to a program that children find exciting and rewarding. This older age P2 to P7 have energy levels that many adults would envy but again the program is designed to harness that.

The children stay in for the first 15 minutes and then join their leaders in the church hall. The same format is used in Tots Zone but with additional elements tailored to their age development. As all the departments including parent and toddlers they join together for the annual trip which really is a fitting climax to the year.