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Prayer Groups

Prayer Groups

A number of years ago the church formed prayer groups. We encourage anyone who take the claims of prayer seriously to get involved. Over the next few weeks we will list each prayer cell and the leader in charge of it. Make contact with them finding out when and where they meet.

Church Prayer

Every two weeks on Sundays at 6.30pm the church meets for prayer. A list of subjects and prayer requests are mentioned so that people can pray meaningfully. If you have any pray requests why not email them to us on this site and we will make sure they receive the attention they deserve.

Early Morning Prayer

Every Saturday morning at 8.30am a group of people (it is open to anyone) can join for prayer at the church. This is vital and those who engage in morning prayer have found it, not only personally profitable but foundational in seeing their prayers answered.

Half Nights of Prayer

Last year we held three half nights of prayer. With very targeted prayers between 20-50 people joined together to make sure that God heard our thoughts and concerns. There will be more planned for the future so please leave time aside for this activity.


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