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The Mustard Seed Project

The Mustard Seed Project

The Mustard Seed project is a social outreach programme designed to meet the needs of our community. We believe that for whatever reason people hit a low point in their lives they need our help. This may be financial, emotional or circumstantial. We aim to provide the basic food necessities that will help people for at least three days. It is not an act of charity but simple compassion and is open to anyone who could benefit from it.

Suggested food items to support the project are: Tinned meat e.g chicken or steak in gravy, meatballs etc Tinned pies e.g Fray Bentos Tinned fish e.g Tuna Tinned vegetables (inc potatoes) Tinned soup Cup a Soup Baked beans Tinned spaghetti, macaroni, ravioli etc Pasta and Pasta Stir in Sauce, e.g does not require meat to be added Super Noodles Tinned fruit Desserts e.g Instant Whip, Jelly Teabags/Sugar/Longlife Milk Cereal e.g (small or individual boxes) Biscuits e.g custard creams, bourbouns etc Crisps Toilet Rolls


We also are deeply concerned about those who are the victims of domestic violence and have since the inception of our community projects provided Women's Aid in Newtownards with the basic provisions. These include such things as toiletries, towels, baby clothes and other necessary and related products.


A collection of food, toiletries and baby products is taken up on the last Sunday of every month at our morning service. We are currently providing 34 families with enough food for 3 meals over a 3 day period and are devised to provide a simple, nutritional breakfast, lunch and dinner.


If you know of anyone who could benefit or indeed you feel that you could benefit from our help, email us on the contact page and we will put someone in touch with you.