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Scrabo Presbyterian Church

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Scrabo congregation takes its name from the hill almost directly behind the housing estate and began as a Church extension in 1972. Though initially linked with Strean Presbyterian under the ministry of Dr Eagleson, it has now reached full status within the Presbyterian Church in Ireland. This is due to not only all the ministries involved in its history, but the committment and vision of its congregational members.

Our Beliefs

We hold very much to the evangelical beliefs presented in the Bible and reflected in the Westminster Confession. The need of a personal relationship with Christ and our collective responsibility to be His witnesses are fundemental to our ethos.

Our Worship

With an average attendance of around 140-150 people we encourage a blended style of worship. We consider our approach contemporary, biblical and relevant. Simplicity of style and genuine expression in worship is encouraged. Sensitivity to the Holy Spirit, the use of our gifts and the exposition of God's Word remains crucial to producing disciples. We encourage all member ministry and the participation of children in worship. We try to create a relaxed atmosphere where those who are not familiar with church and how it operates, feel relaxed and comfortable.

Our Mission

All Presbyterian churches in Ireland are required to have mission statements. We take this very seriously and have put together a set of core values and missional objectives which you can read about under or 'Docs' tab in the links provided.

Our Greatest Desire

Is that you come to know Jesus Christ personally and if we can help you to do that we would be delighted. Why not join with us on Sundays. Our services begin at 10.30am and 7.00pm and a creche is provided at the morning service