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26/02/17 PM Rev. Aaron Ditty

Download WDTBSA The Bible.mp3

The Pharisee and the Tax Collecter

05/03/14 AM Luke Ch.18 : 9 - 14 Mr. Wallace Moore

Download The Pharisee and the Tax collecter.mp3

WDTBSA Identity

05/03/17 PM Rev.Aaron Ditty

Download WDTBSA Identity.mp3

The Foolish Girls

12/03/17 AM Matt. Ch.25 : 1 - 13 Rev. Aaron Ditty

Download The Foolish Girls.mp3

Testimony of Stuart Elliot

12/03/17 PM P.W.Service Mr.Stuart Elliot

Download Testimony of Stuart Elliot.mp3

The Rich Young Fool

19/03/17 AM Luke Ch. 12 : 13 - 21 Rev. Aaron Ditty

Download The Rich Young Fool.mp3

WDTBSA being a Christain Radical

19/03/17 PM Acts Ch.4 : 1 - 21 Rev. Aaron Ditty

Download WDTBSA  being a Christain Radical.mp3

Two stories about light

26/03/17 AM Luke Ch.8 : 16 - 18 and Luke Ch.11 : 33 - 36 Rev. Aaron Ditty

Download Two Stories about Light.mp3


26/03/17 PM Rev. Aaron Ditty

Download WDTBSA Humour.mp3

The Wise and Foolish Builders

02/04/17 AM Matt.Ch.7 : 21 - 27 Mr. Craig Lynn asst. Ballyholme Pres.

Download The Wise and Foolish Builders.mp3

Whose Kingdom ?

02/04/17 PM Mark Ch.10 : 13 - 16 Mr. John Doherty

Download Whose Kingdom.mp3

Christ is King !

09/04/17 AM Mark Ch.11 : 1 - 11 Mr. David Bingham

Download Christ is King.mp3

From Then to Now (via Roadkill)

09/04/17 PM

Download From then to now via roadkill.mp3

Peter - What happened on Easter Sunday ?

16/04/17 AM John Ch.20 : 1 - 10 Mr. Wallace Moore

Download Peter  What happened on Easter Sunday.mp3

Silent Witness

16/04/17 PM Mark Ch.16 : 1 - 8 Mr. John Doherty

Download Silent Witness.mp3

Building His Kingdom

23/04/17 AM Psalm 44 Mr. Peter Burke (Student for the ministry)

Download Building His Kingdom.mp3